Do you need a great team building exercise for your business or corporate environment. Then try this team building exercise with a slinky. You get at least 3-5 people or more in a row and you get them to build a human stair case. Then you place the slinky at the top and let it go like you would down a set of stairs. Happy Team Building!


With the rise of online video it is important that you take some time to consider the benefits of video seo. Here an example of an online video commercial I made for myself! Think of all the possibilities for your business!

What if you had the opportunity to connect hyperlocally with your ideal customer and connect them to your business? Well Facebook Advertising will do that for you! Connect with over 300,000,000 real people using facebook in your local geotargeted location.

You are given the ability to create your very own Facebook Ad and very quickly create images and text-based ads. You have the option to advertise your own website or market your Facebook Fanpage or Special Event. Choose to use the pay per click model (CPC) or cost per impressions model (CPM).

Optimize Your Hyperlocal Ads by tracking your progress with real-time reporting. Gain detailed insights about who’s clicking on your hyperlocal ads. Make modifications to maximize your results and increase you R.O.I. For more info on getting hyperlocal with facebook ads click here!

Martin Canchola, Kelly Hitterdal, and the Valley Young Professionals Paint a room at Oak Grove in Murrieta CA
I recently had the opportunity to help paint a room at Oak Grove in Murrieta CA with the Valley Young Professionals, who are a sub-chamber of the Temecula Valley Chamber-Commerce. VYPer’s encourage advancement through Professional, Civic and Social events with an approach that fosters collaboration and inspires young professionals to put ideas into action. They have been a great help in getting me out there and more involved with the community.

So, How hyperlocal are you in your local community? How do you get involved with the people in your local area? How do you help to create change for the good? What can you do for someone today to benefit them and not yourself?!

These are the questions that must be asked when volunteering your services and time. Giving away some of your time can also be very good for your health. In the manner that after you are done, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Also not to mention how much fun it can be when you get a bunch of likeminded people together in a room for one main goal!

Remember as Mahatma Gandhi says, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Sometimes you may have to take the lead and make things happen. Everyone has a definite purpose in life. So tie you dream to a goal and lead the way. Even if you have to make a way to which there is none. You can’t always follow someone else’s path, sometimes you must create your own!

So go get Hyperlocal in your Community today!

Does your business giveaway FREE HUGS?
A hug is a form of physical intimacy that usually involves closing or holding the arms around another person or group of persons. The hug is one of the most common human signs of love and affection. –Wikipedia
How to Hug

    Approach the person
    Don’t hug too tightly
    Don’t let go too early

Now that we got that out of the way lets begin! I was having lunch today at our local SubWay in Temecula CA with my girlfriend Kelly, when all of a sudden we were approached by two students from the Paul Mitchell School. They were wearing signs that said “FREE HUGS”. I thought to myself WOW! How cool is that! Talk about hyperlocal advertising! Thats it! Up close and personal. So Kelly snagged them and we were able get a picture with two of them.

They had the whole school giving out free hugs to everyone in the shopping center. Every time they asked someone if they wanted a free hug they always said “YES”. So, I thought to my self, “I wonder if other businesses give out FREE HUGS and how could they benefit from doing so.

When you hug someone we form a connection and in business that is everything. Feeling connected to your customers at all times. How do you stay connected with friends, family, and potential customers? Do you use facebook, linkedin,and/or myspace? Kelly also mentioned a FREE HUG social media campaign that was hug on youtube. The Free Hugs Campaign started by Juan Mann! Watch this video because it will melt your heart! He started giving away FREE HUGS until he was stopped by security and banned from doing it! He started a petition and received 10,000 signatures and worked the system! Truly amazing!

So I will end this blog post with a couple HUG quotes!
A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away. ~Bil Keane
You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug. ~Author Unknown
via The Quote Garden

Podcast: HyperLocal Journalism with Ben Saren CEO of City Squares
Do you have what it takes to become a hyperlocal blogger or journalist? Find out in this information packed podcast about hyperlocal journalism and how you can start doing your part in the city you reside!

Well I had the privilege of being invited to Webmaster Radio to speak on SEM Synergy Hosted by Bruce Clay, president and founder of the international SEO and SEM company Bruce Clay, Inc. I was interviewed
by Virginia, an Associate Writer and director of the radio show. Also had Ben Saren as a guest who is an Online media entrepreneur and CEO of We began talking about the new buzz about hyperlocal content. Which as Ben Saren says “Has actually been around for over 100 years.” Ever since the days of the newspapers.” Everyone wants Hyper Local news going on in there local neighborhoods. It’s not just about the main city in question anymore, it’s about the towns and neighborhoods. Now with the new media age anyone can become a HyperLocal Blogger in their local city by using photo and video cameras, audio recorders, and blogs.

Hyperlocal Blogger Toolbox:

Smart Phone or any find of digital phone that can take picture, tweet, and record video!

Hyperlocal Websites and Blogs:

Hyperlocal Twitter Tools:

Listen to this Podcast on Hyper Local Content.