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Podcast: HyperLocal Journalism with Ben Saren CEO of City Squares
Do you have what it takes to become a hyperlocal blogger or journalist? Find out in this information packed podcast about hyperlocal journalism and how you can start doing your part in the city you reside!

Well I had the privilege of being invited to Webmaster Radio to speak on SEM Synergy Hosted by Bruce Clay, president and founder of the international SEO and SEM company Bruce Clay, Inc. I was interviewed
by Virginia, an Associate Writer and director of the radio show. Also had Ben Saren as a guest who is an Online media entrepreneur and CEO of We began talking about the new buzz about hyperlocal content. Which as Ben Saren says “Has actually been around for over 100 years.” Ever since the days of the newspapers.” Everyone wants Hyper Local news going on in there local neighborhoods. It’s not just about the main city in question anymore, it’s about the towns and neighborhoods. Now with the new media age anyone can become a HyperLocal Blogger in their local city by using photo and video cameras, audio recorders, and blogs.

Hyperlocal Blogger Toolbox:

Smart Phone or any find of digital phone that can take picture, tweet, and record video!

Hyperlocal Websites and Blogs:

Hyperlocal Twitter Tools:

Listen to this Podcast on Hyper Local Content.